Welcome to our ZenUI Designer Community!

2016-4-22, 09:00 AM

ASUS officially launches ZenUI Designer Community Website!
It's now your time to amaze the world with your designs!

Do you want your designs to be seen and known around the world? Do you want to feel proud that your designs are used by millions of users every single day? Or do you want to make extra money by doing what you love? Join ASUS ZenUI Designer Community now, your first step to showcase your creativity to the world!

ASUS ZenFone 2 has reached 20 million of global sales in 2015. In addition to that, ASUS’s holistic mobile user experience, ZenUI, has dozens of high quality apps with 490 million total downloads on Google Play, and over 24 million of weekly active users (WAU)!

Register as an ASUS ZenUI designer and choose the types of contents you would love to design—theme packs, sticker packs, keyboard themes, etc. Upload your designs to ZenUI designer community website and get the opportunity to have them listed in ASUS' digital content store, available for download and used by ASUS mobile users around the world! You can also get revenue sharing through this collaboration!

Join us now and amaze the world with your designs!

  • Allen, 40 years old
    SoHo to take business cases
    I wanted to learn a second skill: smartphone interface design.

    I chose to be SoHo because it gives me more freedom. Most of the business cases I took before are mainly web designs and illustrations. A friend suggested that I approach the ZenUI development team. I’ve been considering for a while if I can learn how to make designs for mobile interface and I realized that this is really a good chance for me do that.

  • Emma, 23 years old
    Graduate student of National Taiwan University of Arts
    I want to enrich my portfolio and work experience.

    Before summer vacation began, my classmate told me to contact the ZenUI development team to work as a contract designer. I love astrology so I developed a theme pack design based on that concept. The Photoshop templates and documents provided by the designer website are very easy to use. When I think about ZenUI global users choosing or using my designs, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I would like to continue this even while I’m back in school.

  • Peggy, 35 years old
    Senior GUI designer for a well-known company
    I hope my works can be recognized by global users.

    I noticed ZenUI development team is looking for designers to create graphic contents so I tried to contact them. It’s really a great opportunity and the design process makes me very happy. I can turn ideas into interesting and lovely sticker designs. I’m free to decide how to translate my own ideas into creative designs. My biggest wish now is that more users around the world can admire and recognize my creations.

Join us now!

ZenUI designer website doesn’t just showcase your designs to the world, but also helps you to learn new creative insights from fellow global designers. We encourage you to offer more innovative elements to enrich the life of ZenUI users by joining us now.