Top design award

Attack Fleet

Designed by Formori

Conquer the seas and the world with the cannon-toting powerful Armada!

Judge's comment:

The intricate details of cannons firing, waves crashing on the ship's hull, and smoking fire falling from the background skies give the most immersive visual of this Attack Fleet theme. Together with the app icons in navy elements, you can feel the dynamic sense of powerful maritime war!

Magic design award


Designed by Andy.G

There is science and technology among the stars.

Judge's comment:

This "STAR" theme is a fusion of abstract and concrete design, an intricate display of spherical shapes, lines, and hues that shows the worlds beyond space.

Excellent design award

Dear Dreamer

Designed by Jhane Chou

Dear the Dream Chaser

Judge's comment:

Dear Dreamer takes you to another kind of art. It's comprised of hand-painted fantasy of cooler hues for the main visuals and warm-colored icons for an eye-candy contrast. It brings out a sense of fresh perspective and at the same time, tells a dreamy story.


Designed by Eyelashes

A mechanical world full of dark power.

Judge's comment:

Cyberpunk theme shows a world of dark technology. Using dark colors such as neon purple and black, the theme has a strong visual impact that emanates a mystery of the mechanical world.

Mermaid's Treasures

Designed by Teresa

Find the secret treasure of the mermaids.

Judge's comment:

The deep blue sea has a lot of mysteries, and one of them is the existence of mermaids. Complete with deep blue hues of the water, sunken ships, and Atlantis-like castle, it tells a full-scaled visual story of a mermaid guarding her treasures: her home and a casket full of jewels.

Stone Dragon

Designed by YR Design

A dragon carved in stone.

Judge's comment:

A different way of expressive art, the Stone Dragon theme uses rocks to form the dragon hide, and the dragon's eye expresses dominance and fear for a realistic visual experience. The contrasting colors of red and gray exude high-quality texture, making the Stone Dragon more realistic to the eye.

Watch Out! Aliens!

Designed by kalabebe

Warning! Aliens are coming!

Judge's comment:

"Watch Out! Alien!" pictures an unknown race coming to Earth for an invasion. The wallpapers show flying ships and the icon designs have alien elements, giving off a feeling of fear or excitement as they come closer.