ZenUI is the most intuitive user interface created by the ASUS Design Center & RD team. It applies on the ZenFone, ZenPad and ZenWatch, including a variety of visual elements, such as theme packs, live wallpapers, photo stickers, watchfaces and so on. ZenUI is all about giving you the best mobile user experience using a whole new style, with an intuitive interface rich in features and customizable contents.

What triggered the ZenUI Designer Community?

Let’s start the story from the logo—the Color Tree

The branches represent the designers while the colorful leaves that make up the rest of the Color Tree indicate the feelings, emotions, and creations of the designers.

There are too many routines in life that tend to overshadow each of our unique characteristics. So this Color Tree serves as a reminder for every designer's dream. We hope designers worldwide, whether amateur or professional, would keep growing and extending their capabilities beyond their current capacity.

The Color Tree will be nourished and prospered by each and every designer's continuous sharing of their talents. This, in turn, ultimately enables mobile users to enjoy a more beautiful world through the creations brought about by ZenUI.

Professional. Done with passion. Numerous content choices.

We look forward to your participation into nourishing the Color Tree. Aside from your professional design skills, we also value your passion to come out with the best creations. As long as you are familiar with PhotoShop and enthusiastic about user experience, we believe you can become a truly great ZenUI designer.

We offer multiple types of graphic contents so you can pick one or two that you are most interested to work with. These may include theme packs, sticker sets, LiveWater wallpapers, and watchfaces. Designers can choose the content type they want to work on first, then come out with design ideas that can be executed based on our existing design templates and guidelines.

Let’s grow together in this ZenUI Designer Community

Just follow these steps to join our ZenUI Designer Community:
1. Activate your designer account.
2. Study the ZenUI guidelines and designer manuals.
3. Learn how to use PhotoShop for your chosen content.
4. Upload and manage your designs using My Page.

ZenUI invites you to create more amazing leaves!

The vision of this ZenUI Designer Community is to help designers realize their dreams through ZenUI-powered devices. Let ASUS help you realize this potential.

Just submit your amazing works via this site, then ASUS will integrate it into ZenUI user experiences through our ZenFone, ZenPad or ZenWatch. As a result, your talents would be shown to the whole world!