Notice of Important Interests

Dear Designer,


Thank you for your submissions and support to the ASUS Zen UI Designer Community ("Designer Community"). Due to operation considerations, we will be officially ending the services of the Design Community on October 15, 2022.

This notice is to protect your interests and a reminder that if you have any unfiled payment requests in the Designer Community, please submit a request before the website is shut down:


  1. 1. You may login directly to the Designer Community before October 15, 2022 and submit a payment request. Please note that the profit sharing amount has to reach the Designer Community's previous threshold of US$30. Payment request for the Profit sharing amount below US$30 can’t be accepted as the international remittance fee will change by time and bank’s exchange rate. There is no threshold for NTD.
  2. 2. Please login to the Designer Community and view your "Sales Report" in the "Settlement Center" for detailed amounts. Upon payment, a bank processing fee and any legally required income tax shall be deducted; please view the payment request's information section for further details.
  3. 3. Please fill out complete information when filing a payment request, making sure to verify that all account information is correct and intact. If the payment is returned due to incorrect account information, you must re-submit bank wire information and pay for additional processing fees.
  4. 4. If you are unable to submit a request for payment before October 15, 2022, please e-mail and an agent will assist you.
  5. 5. If a designer's balance has been settled when the Designer Community is shut down, we will delete all Designer Community and personal information (including bank information); for designers with unsettled balances and have yet to submit a payment request, we will delete all information after we have completed processing the designer's request.
  6. 6. Registration for the Designer Community was also tied to ASUS website membership, which shall not be affected; any rights to products and services as well as various provisions remain valid for any ASUS products you have purchased. If you wish to delete your ASUS website membership, please submit a request to ASUS via the "Consumer Privacy Application Interface". (


Thank you for the love and support you've shown for the ASUS ZenUI Designer Community.

Announcement Date: 2022/07/11